Client Services

Women’s Imaging Specialists (WIS) can deliver a turnkey client services solution focused on digital mammography as a profit center for your organization. We have developed a winning program for our OB-GYN physician groups. We provide a full field 3D digital mammography system in combination with our digital mammography interpretation and workflow solutions. This profitable ALL-IN-ONE solution allows our clients to develop a world-class mammography program designed to enhance their practice at all levels. Let our local physician-owned organization help you remain competitive and add value to your practice.

One-on-One Personalized Service

Our radiology team ensures continuity of care and availability to your staff and patients. Each client, depending on volume is assigned two radiologists, a primary and secondary breast imaging expert. The primary radiologist can act as your Medical Director for Mammography and help your staff maintain MQSA, ACR, and FDA compliance for all aspects of your mammography program.

Real-time Diagnostic Workflow

Working with one or two primary radiologists, allows your staff to develop familiarity and comfort with the communication of clinical information and imaging guidance. Using active communication, such as instant messenger, video conferencing, and mobile telephones, our radiologists stay in constant contact with your clinical staff during the diagnostic evaluation of every patient.

Sub-specialized Interpretation

All we do is women’s imaging. Whether it’s comparing multiple imaging modalities on the same patient or reviewing films from another institution, our staff ensures we provide high quality, accurate interpretations of every study.

Quality Assurance

No one matched our double read program. Depending on your facility volume, our staff double read between 5-10% of ALL exams and provide that quality assurance data to you every quarter. No extra fee. Every day we prove that our interpretations maintain an exceptional 99.5% accuracy.


WIS radiologists call referring physician offices and discuss all BIRADS 4 and 5 results, including some BIRADS 3 results that require further understanding. 24/7 a radiologist is available to address any breast imaging question.

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